Theatre in Education

NK Theatre Arts has a specific project which deals with our outreach work in Schools, Colleges, Youth Centres called “Interact”.

Our work is split into the following areas:

Syllabus Support

NK Theatre Arts provides theatre performances throughout the year which will compliment GCSE/A Level Drama or English Literature courses. Schools are invited to The Forum Theatre to watch the performances at a discounted rate to assist with their studies.  Some special daytime performances will have Directors Workshops so that students can discuss elements of the play with the cast and crew.  There will also be certain projects that will involve actors visiting schools to perform excerpts of a play rather than students seeing a full performance.

We will be presenting a schools matinee performance of Once Upon A Time in Wigan on Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 1pm.  For further details please download the information here,

Examples of recent performances with Director's Workshops include:

  • Bouncers and Shakers
  • Teechers
  • Blood Brothers
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Two
  • The Crucible

Themed Workshops

Our practitioners/actors can visit a school, or school students can visit The Forum Theatre, to take part in a Performing Arts workshop which is centred around a specific theme. This again could be linked to the National Curriculum and an example of this kind of activity could see a practitioner visit a classroom and undertake a workshop based on The Gunpowder Plot or perhaps focussing on some interactive sessions based around The Great Fire of London.  Our themed workshops are always geared to the appropriate age group and can involve specific teaching of a particular area of study accordingly.

PPA Cover, Lunchtime and After School Clubs

NK Practitioners can take regular sessions in schools to deliver Performing Arts workshops to classes as part of PPA Cover time for teachers, or as part of a schools after school provision. This could involve regular sessions which may lead to a performance by the students. Our practitioners can provide clubs in drama, singing and dancing.

There is also the opportunity to engage a Dance Practitioner as part of a school's PE timetable for students who want to take part in dance sessions with the school unable to delvier this as in individual subject.

Issue Based Presentations

NK Theatre Arts is renowned throughout the North West for its hard hitting plays which aim to educate young people as we address issues pertinent to the young people of today.  We provide a guide to the target audience of the presentation, although we are able to amend where possible to make the play more sutiable to a certain age group if required.

We currently are able to tour presentations which address the following issues: 


  • The Dangers of Social Media (The Net - Yr 5-8)
  • Sexting (Beth's Story - Yr 10+)
​​Secondary School Projects:
  • Car Crime/Joyriding (Every Mothers Son – Yr 9-11 Students)
  • Street Violence (Life Sentence– Yr 10/11 Students)
  • Preparing for exams/avoiding last minute work/pressures of growing up – (Play or Pass - Yr9 Students)
  • Disability Awareness (The Real Me- Yrs 7-11)
  • Homelessness / Drugs (Think Twice – Yr 9-11)
  • Racism (Fridays Child – Yr 9-11)
  • Drug or Alcohol Additction (Once an Addict - Yr 9-11)
  • Knife Crime (Living on the Edge - Yr 10+)

Primary School Projects:

The Theatre Experience 

This is a unique opportunity for young people to experience a day at a live working theatre.  Being greeted in the auditorium, students may see a piece of Theatre in Education to begin the day.  We can then split the students into smaller groups of around 15-20 where they can experience the following sessions:
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Technical Skills (Lighting and Sound)
  • Directors Workshop
  • Theatre in Education
  • Costume & Properties
Some schools will choose a selection of the above to spend a morning or afternoon at the theatre, with other schools completing all of the sessions with students having lunch on site.

We have found these sessions particularly useful for schools who may be taking part in the Arts Award scheme.

You can read some sample feedback from a recent session involving Romiley Primary School here.

Further information 

To find out about our current plays for syllabus support, to enquire about our pracitioner availabiliy or for more details on our Issue Based Presentations and Theatre Experience Days then pleasse contact Dawn Wrigley, our Head of Theatre in Education on 0161-430-6570 x 210 or via email