Charitable Information

NK Theatre Arts is a Registered Charity (Number 1049259) whose Charitable objectives are:

  1. The advancement of education in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas (hereinafter called the area of benefit), particularly in the field of drama, creative dance, movement, music and other charitable cultural activities for the benefit of all ages, including (but not limited to) those who require help with mobility, communication, behaviour or self-help skills or with social development with a view to educating them in such fields, integrating them into the community and assisting them in their development as full members of society.
  2. To establish or secure the establishment of a theatre and workshop premises and to maintain and manage the same (whether alone or in co-operation with any local authority or other person or body) in furtherance of these objects.
  3. To promote such other charitable objects as may from time to time be determined.

The Charity is governed by a Trustee Board who support the members of staff, who are responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.  The Trustees are the guardians of the Charity who undertake the Business and Financial Planning and provide a focus for the direction of the Charity in the medium and short term.

NK Theatre Arts welcomes members of society who feel that they could support the organisation with their skills.  We are currently looking to recruit Trustees with specific expertise in the financial, marketing and legal industries, but we would love to hear from any business person with a passion for the arts and with the welfare of our organisation at heart.  Trustees meet as a body between 3/4 times per year, but Trustees who wish to give more time may wish to become involved in a specific project which may arise from time to time.

For further information about the Trustees, please contact us.

To read our Safeguarding Policy, you can download it here (Microsoft Word)

You can download the entire Constitution of NK Theatre Arts here - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
You can view the Charity Commission information held on NK Theatre Arts here (opens in new window)

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